About us

The Manoir Vieux-Québec is a hotel owned by Beaubien Group. This group has specialized in the hotel business since 1973. A 100% Quebec and family owned business.


Located in a historic 19th-century building, the hotel has been able to stand out in its sector, not only because of its location, but also because of its desire to meet the real needs of tourists and business travelers.

The hotel was renovated and expanded in 2020, it has retained its heritage entity while incorporating today’s new hotel standards. The Manoir Vieux-Québec is a warm and friendly hotel, with a welcoming staff that will help you and give you the best advice to make your stay memorable.


The Manoir du Vieux-Québec is conveniently located in the heart of Old Québec.

The Manoir du Vieux Québec is located in close proximity (150 feet / 50 meters) to the Château Frontenac and just behind the Dufferin Terrace.

We are proud to be located in the area’s most sought-after location, within walking distance of Old Quebec’s best tourist attractions: Quebec City Citadel, Plains of Abraham, the Petit Champlain Quarter, Place Royale, Quebec City Parliament, Basilica-Cathedral of Notre-Dame du Quebec, as well as a number of stores, restaurants and galleries.

Everything is accessible, in complete tranquility for an ideal stay.


The Old Quebec is the historic heart of the city of Quebec. It was here that founder Samuel de Champlain built the Habitation in 1608. The geography of the location is key: the Cape Diamond overlooks the St. Lawrence River at the edge of which is a low-lying strip of land. At the top of the cape stands the “Haute-Ville” while at the bottom of it is the “Basse-Ville”. The whole is brought together by the concept of the “Old Quebec Heritage Site.”

The Manoir Vieux-Québec hotel is made up of a group of 3 old ancestral houses that have housed great pillars of our community over the centuries. These buildings are adjacent to the Château Frontenac and face the river. These houses were erected in the late 17th century, making them buildings with great historical value.


Manoir Vieux-Québec

Collaboration, integrity, family and commitment are the core values that are firmly rooted in the heart of the Manoir du Vieux-Québec team. These values are the company’s growth lever and they ensure excellence in all aspects of our operations.


Manoir Vieux-Québec

Since its acquisition in 2015, the Beaubien family has always aspired to renovate the hotel to make it welcoming, warm, unifying and up to the expectations of guests. Now renovated, the vision is to become the major leader for tourism in Old Quebec. This is achieved by establishing partnerships and innovative practices to build a sustainable business model in our community.